About Micro Flying Guides

Micro Flying Guides are published by Micro Publishing Press, Inc., a leader in the production and distribution of on-demand, custom, and semi-custom publications in a range of specialized fields. The authors of Micro Flying Guides titles are experienced and knowledgeable aviation writers who are skilled at commuincating the essence of flying-related topics.

James Cavuoto, editor and publisher
James Cavuoto is a San Francisco-based editor with over 25 years of experience writing about aviation, medical, and information technologies. He served as a member of the technical staff and corporate publications editor at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, where he authored dozens of articles on avioncs and related technologies for the company's magazine Vectors. The author of seven books on graphics and imaging topics, Cavuoto was the founding editor of Digital Imaging and several other computer industry magazines. He was previously editor of Lasers & Applications magazine. An instrument-rated private pilot, he has authored three of the first titles in the Micro Flying Guides series.

Andrew Shalat, art director

Andrew Shalat is an experienced graphic and web designer and a recognized authority on digital imaging, graphic design, and new media. He has served as art director of several publications, including Digital Imaging magazine, and has contributed articles and reviews to MacWorld and MacWeek magazines. He is currently an instructor of advanced web design at Cal State University Long Beach. His design clients include MedTech USA Software, Cushman and Wakefield, and Cycle Reebok. He holds a BA from SUNY Stonybrook and an MA from Brandeis University.

Daniel Seidel, Jr., associate publisher
Daniel Seidel is an experienced pilot and communications professional with expertise in both print and electronic media. Seidel is currently a high-performing advertising sales professional with radio station KGO in San Francisco and other Disney media properties. He formerly sold advertising for radio station KCBS and other Infinity Broadcasting properties, and has several years experience in print media sales, including a successful stint with the San Diego State Daily Aztec newspaper.

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