A Marketing/Education Tool for Flight Schools,
FBOs, Pilot Organizations, Aviation Suppliers,
and Flying Destinations

Micro Flying Guides represent a unique and powerful new marketing tool for aviation-related businesses to attract new customers. These 36-page books offer valuable and digest-size information on a variety of topics for private pilots, student pilots, and prosepctive pilots.

They also offer you an opportunity to promote your products and services to a select and highly-targeted audience using advertising messages on the back cover, inside front cover, and inside back cover of each publication you sponsor. You can also have your logo featured on the cover of each publication you sponsor, as well as custom inserts stitched into each copy.

Each title is available for purchase in quantities as few as 50 to as many as 10,000 copies. You can choose to distribute Micro Flying Guides directly to your customers and prospects, or sell them in point of purchase displays at your office or store (suggested retail price: $9.95). Micro Flying Guides also make a great incentive or premium gift for loyal customers or students who sign up for a course.

As an alternative, we can distribute Micro Flying Guides via mail on your behalf to prospects in a number of aviation-related demographic communities and geographic markets. Because the content of each Micro Flying Guide is entertaining as well as enlightening, you can be sure that your promotional message will be seen and read by recipients. And unlike brochures and direct mail packages, prospects are likely to hold on to their copies of Micro Flying Guides and refer to them in the future.

Micro Flying Guides cover a wide range of topics related to general aviation and flying destinations. Each 36-page title is written in a lively and entertaining style with numerous photographs that make them an easy and enjoyable read. Unlike the many technical and authoritative books and journals oriented at pilots, these publications highlight the joy of flying and the freedom to visit the numerous destinations inNorth America that are only available via small airplanes. The text and the photographs in our destination guides are designed to motivate new and seasoned pilots alike to take a trip via small airplane to exciting vacation spots readily accessible by general aviation.


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